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About us

The creation of the brand


The offer of textile products is increasingly vast. Access to the production network and new means of creation has catalyzed the emergence of countless products, which often do not live up to expectations.

Usaria was created with the mission of selecting the best materials, which stand out for their quality and make the creators proud. We are guided by the brand essence: you will only find products … that the team “would use”.

How we work

Our vision

Bringing creators closer to a wider audience, promoting brands with a soul that represents their origins.

Our concern for conscious and sustainable consumption seeks to offer a choice for lasting fashion, buy less, with higher quality, the Slow fashion.

We want, with your help, to create an ecosystem where each product reflects the spirit of the brand it represents.


Usaria solutions

  • Creation of original products
  • Promotion of creators and brands
  • Safeguarding value and respecting creator’s rights

Talk to us. Together we can go further.